How to have a healthy hair care routine in 5 effortless steps


Are you tired of your brittle hair, split ends, breakage and dry scalp? Figure out just the hair care routine for you with these easy and effortless tips


Dry, brittle, dull and lacklustre hair is a common concern most of us juggle daily. It is quite a severe concern, especially if you'e young. Even if poor hair health is your daily struggle, if you are trying endless quick-fix solutions and those salon appointments are leaving you tired and disappointed, there is still some hope you can stick on to. This blog gives you a fair insight on how to achieve that naturally healthier, thicker, shinier, smooth and voluminous hair you've always dreamt of.
There are several techniques of the trade you might have tried your hand at or could have spent your precious fortune on to acquire that desired hair, yet nothing could last nor could bring you a natural solution. If this story is true, countless synthetic chemicals have harmed your delicate scalp
and further damaged your hair. There's still the need to get that one natural solution
to boost your hair health from within. And we are here to tell you all about it!
Nothing acquired or applied from outside is comparable to that hair health that
comes naturally from within.
Taking care of one's hair health is often tedious for many of us. And doesn't it get
difficult to find that perfect solution for each one of us with our uniquely different
textures, densities, and hair problems?
Here are 5 specific tips to achieve healthy hair and some products and solutions to
help you get there.

1. Have a lukewarm shower
2. Air dry your hair
3. Proper conditioning
4. Stop overwashing your hair
5. Look after your scalp
6. Nutrition is the key


1. Have a lukewarm shower

You've had a long day at work, and all you want to do is jump in the shower when
you come home. Isn't it? Some of us prefer a hot shower to a cold one because it is
more relaxing. It is therapeutic in itself.
But there is a reason why many people advise against using it on your hair. Hot
water can strip your hair of natural oils, leaving your hair extremely dry and drab.
Most doctors, dermatologists, and other health professionals advocate washing your
body and hair with lukewarm water. So next time you hop into the shower, consider
lowering the temperature of the water.
Lukewarm water can cleanse well without the damage to worry about!

2. Air dry your hair

We understand how difficult it is to put down the hot tools and be patient enough to
let your hair air dry after your warm and cozy shower. But it's necessary if you want
to keep your hair smooth, lustrous, healthy and happy.
Allowing your hair to naturally air dry a few times a week will help save your hair from
getting damaged. Dehydration, split ends, breakage, and holes in the protein
molecules that hold your strands together can all be caused by heat styling,
especially at high temperatures.
So, especially if it's extremely hot outside, consider taking a break and letting your
hair dry naturally.

3. Proper hair conditioning

We all know how vital a conditioner is for healthy hair. But did you know that you've
probably been applying it incorrectly? It's shocking, we know, but bear with us.
A conditioner should only be applied to specific areas of your hair.
Isn't it true that your hair gets oily in the roots first? So if you don't use conditioner on
your roots, you're less likely to get build-up and excess grease.
Allow your body's natural oils to handle the heavyweight at the roots, and
concentrate on conditioning your hair from mid-length to the ends. Conditioning your
hair at the roots might weaken them, resulting in less volume in your style.

4. Stop overwashing your hair.

Over-washing is one of the most prevalent hair blunders. You may not realize it nor
believe it, but you are causing damage to your hair.
Shampooing your hair serves the dual aim of removing oil and product build-up from
your scalp while also cleansing it. If you wash your hair too frequently before it gets a
chance to restore its natural oils, your hair will feel dry and lose its lustre.
Washing your hair every 2 to 3 days is recommended, but establish a plan that
works for you.

5. Look after your scalp.

The key is to be gentle at every stage. Scrub your scalp, but in a gentle manner.
Being rough isn't any extra help, and it is also not recommended. It will cause your scalp to become sore. The proper approach to washing your scalp is to gently rub it with your fingertips in small circles. This should eliminate any leftover shampoo, conditioner, dirt, and excess oils. After that, rinse your hair well with cold water to close the pores. This will help keep your scalp and hair follicles healthier for a more extended period.

6. Nutrition is the key.

Eat wisely and live a healthy lifestyle. You're not only filling your stomach when you eat nutritious, protein-rich foods; you are feeding your hair too.
Hair is made up of protein, which is why you need enough of it to generate keratin. It
is essential for keeping your hair healthy and strong. Make sure you have a good
balance of nutrients like proteins, minerals, and vitamins.
Fish, poultry, eggs, turkey, and dairy products are a few examples of healthy
nourishment for your hair. Adding nuts and beans can go equally well for vegetarian
However, nothing can compensate for the micronutrients like Vitamin C & Zinc.
Vitamin C & Zinc are proven natural sources for complete hair nourishment that help
strengthen your hair and bring back that desired smoothness and sheen.
Our hectic lifestyles contribute to irregular and inadequate dietary patterns and
nutrition gaps, no matter how hard we try. The resulting deficiencies can clearly be
visible in your poor hair health and quality.

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Topping up your body with Top Up CZ can fill up the nutritional gaps and nourish
your hair with all it needs for its natural growth, strength and smooth texture.
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other health and multivitamin supplements, Top Up CZ is fast-absorbing nutrition for
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At least a part of your hair care is hassle-free and easy. Phew!
It may take a bit of time, effort, and energy to find the right hair care products and
develop a hair care routine that will help you achieve healthy locks. But don't worry
because it'll all be worth it in the end.
Just remember, life isn't perfect, but your hair can indeed be.

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