4 Reasons Why Health Supplements With Patented Ingredients Are a Better Choice


When it is a matter of your health, why go for the costly patented ingredients over the cheaper

alternatives? Are they really worth it? What is so unique about them? This blog addresses all the
doubts, queries, whats, hows, and whys you might have about using patented ingredients in our range
of products or while choosing your health supplements.
Supplements nowadays have become a vital part of our nutrition. Health supplements like protein
supplements, supplements for joint health, micronutrients, supplements for hair care, skincare, bones
health, immunity, and several others are commonly consumed by many. You might wonder why?
Having a well-balanced diet is excellent. But is it enough to sustain your body through so much
activity and stress because of the hectic lifestyle? And those who have a sedentary lifestyle spend
most of their time sitting in a place that might also decrease their food intake. This can lead to
Due to its erratic timings, the challenging, fast-paced lifestyle has often been hampering our proper
diets, staking our nutrition, of course. Even the use of adulterants, chemicals, and pollutants has been
reducing the nutrition of foodstuffs that we consume daily, and hence our regular diets often fall
inadequate to provide and balance the nutrition needed by our bodies. And sometimes, even when
despite all the healthy diet, the nutrients do not get fully absorbed by our bodies due to some ailment.
Hence, the need for the right nutrition and supplements cannot be ruled out to fill these voids and
cover-up for the deficiencies in all the above-said scenarios.
These are just a few examples of how our lifestyle affects our health. There can be various other
reasons for lack of nutrition. Here's where supplements play an essential role. They fill in the gaps in
your daily nutrition and help your body develop and function as it should. It is an extra nutrient boost
that your body needs to stay healthy.
But choosing the right supplements for your nutritional needs can be difficult. It is essential to be
aware of the ingredients used in their formulation. Are they natural or synthetic? Do they meet the
quality standards? Are they effective? Is the supplement consistent in giving the promised results?
The answer lies in whether these ingredients are patented or generic.
Hence, if there is one thing that Nuvox Healthcare is proud of, it is its extensive use of patented
ingredients in its supplements. Generic or common ingredients, while safe, are not efficient when it
comes to efficacy and dosage.
To maintain a quality standard and provide only the best, most of our products have patented
ingredients. These ingredients are definitely on the expensive side of the scale. Still, their unique
benefits make them stand out and are worth using in our line of products.

Here are 5 reasons why these patented ingredients are superior to their generic alternatives


1. Backed by Science

Patented ingredients are backed by proven studies. Specific research findings guide the usage of these
ingredients. For instance, these scientific findings determine the accurate dosage required for each
patented ingredient.
As opposed to this, the efficacy of generic ingredients might be limited. So if we claim certain product
benefits, it's because the patented ingredients in those products have been extensively studied, and
their effects have been successfully proven.


2. Tested Effectiveness

Have you ever wondered which ingredients can work more effectively, accurately, and safely and
provide you with the best results? Patented ingredients do, for they bring along the assurance.
Patented ingredients work and work more accurately and better than generic ones. However, the only
way to guarantee that they do as they claim is to try and use patented ingredients. So, what is the
difference between branded and generic ingredients for your health supplements? Indeed, there is.
Three words- potency, purity, and safety. If you want these in your health supplements, choose
patented ingredients. There is no tested way to ensure whether generic ingredients are the Real deal.
There is no way to find out if they do what they claim. But patented ingredients do stand out to claim
their efficacy and effectiveness after their clinical research and scientific trials.


3. Quality Control

For a supplement to be good and effective, ingredient stability is paramount. It is easier to achieve
stability in a patented ingredient because its formulation is quite clear.
With generic ingredients, it is challenging to make sure that supplements can meet their desired shelf
life. Retaining the effectiveness of supplements requires quality control and a test that can prove its
Companies maintain strict quality control for all patented ingredients used in the supplements to meet
the highest standards.


4. Careful Manufacturing

Patented ingredients are manufactured under a stringent quality control process. Several aspects need
to be taken care of when manufacturing these ingredients. These include protection from sunlight and
manufacturing in temperature-controlled environments, among many other factors.
The stringent process also reduces the risk of cross-contamination, harming the consumer's body.
Moreover, these patented ingredients are tested and approved by national and international agencies.
So its quality is quite reliable.


5. Dosage

Whatever the supplement's purpose, its ingredients must meet the consumer's needs and show results.
These ingredients should have just the correct dosage to give effective results. Be it for joint pain, a
daily dose of micronutrients, building muscles, or reducing fat, the supplement's patented ingredients
must comply with the standards and medically prescribed dosage. Generic ingredients are often
underdosed, which may not be as effective as required.
Another massive benefit of using patented ingredients is their follow-up research. These researches
are conducted after the initial research and keep you updated on the benefits discovered through the
studies and experiments.
All these upsides to patented ingredients make them worth the investment for ensuring standard
quality. And especially when it regards your health, no one can take chances, neither you nor we. At
Nuvox, our first promise is that we'd never compromise on quality because if your health goals aren't
generic, neither should your supplements be!
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