Do you have immunity for coronavirus relapse?

The world is struggling together against the novel coronavirus pandemic and waiting for the companies to roll out the vaccine. In this situation, few countries have started reporting the relapse in the patients who tested negative of the disease earlier with the infection again.

Developing immunity to a virus through natural process includes multi-fold steps. The ability to fight infection depends upon the individual’s immunity and involves our body’s complex system.

There is no evidence that the people who have recovered from Covid-19 has antibodies and can be protected from a relapse.

However, if the part of recovered patients continues to be at risk of being infected again could put an extra burden on our already burdened health care system. It is important for us to take preventive measures to save us and our family from the virus.

Low Immunity

Researchers investigating the global pandemic states that the increasing number of Covid-19  relapses may be related to a lower level of immunity developed in patients who have had mild infections after being exposed to the virus and causing more than 100,000 deaths in the entire world.

immunity_covid19Since the immune response to Covid-19 is not yet understood, it is important for us to take care of our health by acquiring proper nutrients to develop a stronger immunity system.

As of now, there is no idea how long the immunity from the disease can last.

Preventive Measures 

It includes staying at home, maintaining social distancing, washing hands with soap and avoid
touching your eyes, nose or mouth which are the source of infection.

Avoid crowded places, make mask a part of our daily life and practice respiratory exercise or yoga for stronger immunity.

Taking supplements for immunity 

Many micronutrients are essential for boosting the immune system. It includes multivitamins like
vitamin A, C, D, E, B2, B6 and B12 including calcium, folic acid, selenium or zinc.

There may be chances that you are having an adequate amount of nutrients but cannot be true for everyone which includes elderly people, pregnant/or breastfeeding females and children.

The deficiency in the essential micronutrients can result in an increased risk of infections, especially respiratory tract infections making you vulnerable which are the leading cause of coronavirus.

Micronutrients_vitaminsThus taking proper diet along with supplements having essential micronutrients to make sure that you are totally equipped with immune warriors to fight the pandemic.

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