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Effervescent Tablets - The Most Bioavailable Nutrition

December 3, 2023

Are you getting complete nutrition from your health supplements? Are your health supplements getting quickly and completely absorbed within your body? Are your health and nutrition supplements bioavailable? Have you added effervescent tablets or effervescent supplements to your diet yet?

No matter how much healthy food you may consume in your regular diet, there are still situations that can make it less and insufficient for your body and its daily functional needs. 

There might be times when you’re doing your best to take care of your health, yet it doesn’t get any better. Your symptoms, like fatigue and poor immunity, poor gut health, poor hair and skin health or your weak bones, can become a cause of great concern.

But a thorough check-up may reveal simple micronutrient deficiency and nothing more serious. Some of the other micronutrients may remain deficient in your body despite all your intake.

These times often suggest you go for health supplements containing essential micronutrients and a rich dose of vitamins specific to your body’s needs. 

But have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you still don’t see any significant change within your body despite starting your consumption of health supplements? When you don’t get the required results and the required nutrition that is essential for your body? 

How can that be possible?

Yes, that’s exactly possible when your micronutrients are not wholly absorbed within your body. They are partially digested and partially absorbed within your digestive tract, leaving you still deficient despite consuming the conventional health supplements and tablets.

Many questions then arise regarding adequate nutrition and the most effective health supplements that can be a complete solution to make up for your deficiency and boost your health.

Have you ever pondered over these:

How can you spot whether your vitamin supplements or micronutrient supplements are giving you enough nutrition that your body needs to heal and prevent your nutrition lags?

When you’re full of energy, your immunity is vigorously defending you against all infections, your hair and skin are shining from within, your bones, muscles and joints are in good shape and you’re able to perform all your routine activities with ease without any fatigue, exhaustion or any other symptoms of discomfort and your digestion is good and you’re not suffering from any stomach or gut related discomforts. This is when you can easily understand that your nutrition is complete and your supplements are doing justice to your body.

How can you differentiate between complete nutrition absorption and incomplete nutrition absorption?

While complete nutrition absorption will keep your body and spirits high, on the other hand incomplete nutrition absorption will start to show its symptoms and play havoc with your body. Partially absorbed health supplements and tablets often have the risk of concentrating alongside your digestive tract and are not properly broken down; thus, the nutrients are not fully absorbed and not fully ingested into your bloodstream and system fluids to reach their desired organs and functions. 

The results of unattended deficiencies for long can even be disastrous at times.

When you are not getting efficient results despite regularly taking your traditional vitamins and mineral supplements, when your body symptoms remain the same and less improved despite your regular consumption of micronutrient supplements, when you’re experiencing fatigue, poor hair and skin health, frequent indigestion issues, low immunity and frequent infections and weak bone and joint health despite taking your regular or traditional health supplement tablets, it’s time to recognize the signs and get the cues that your conventional tablets are not doing their job correctly, and most probably it could malfunction with their absorption and incomplete digestion.

What are the main causes of incomplete absorption of micronutrients and supplements?

Poor bioavailability is the main reason for the incomplete absorption of micronutrients and health supplements. 

According to science, bioavailability is the rate and extent to which the active ingredients of the drug or tablet enter the systemic circulation within our body and reach their site of action. In simple words, the components or ingredients of the tablet can get absorbed and used by the body.

The higher the bioavailability, the more is the absorption of nutrients within your body and better your health.

Traditional or conventional supplement tablets are oral tablets that are to be swallowed. Since these do not get dissolved in water, they have the potential of tablet concentration within your digestive tract after swallowing and reaching your stomach. The components are hence not fully broken down for quick and complete absorption. Only the partial ingredients dissolved within your stomach get absorbed and get digested. The rest of the undissolved parts of the tablet remain unabsorbed.  

This is why you may still lack nutrition and face the deficiency symptoms even if you take health supplements. 

What's the best solution for the complete absorption of micronutrients in your body?

Effervescent tablets are the best solution for our complete nutrition. 

Effervescent tablets are the most bioavailable nutrition. Effervescent tablets are nothing but the fizz form of nutrition in its most contemporary and bioavailable way.

The best thing is that you can carry them along wherever you go and just add one tablet to your glass of water and let it dissolve. Within a jiffy, your glass full of nutrition is ready and fully fizzy to drink in palatable tastes you won’t be able to resist. 

These fast-acting effervescent tablets or micronutrient supplements get fully absorbed within your body in no time, owing to their drinkable form.

How and why are effervescent tablets the most reliable source of nutrition for your body?

Effervescent tablets are the most bioavailable form of nutrients you can ever take. 

The water dissolving property of these effervescent tablets keeps you well hydrated with sufficient water intake.

The fizz in these effervescent tablets gives your nutrition supplements a tingling taste, just like your other aerated beverages or soft drinks. But unlike other beverages, these carbonated drinks are wholesome nutrition for your body to stay fit and healthy all time. 

These effervescent tablets usually come in more than one palatable taste and flavor, so boring and unpleasant tastes of chemical compounds are no more a reason for you to forget, miss, resist or repel them and their taste.

These fast-acting effervescent tablets and their ability to quickly and completely dissolve in water enable them to rapidly reach into your systemic circulation without any barriers and hence support for quick and complete absorption of nutrients within your digestive tract. 

The bioavailability, i.e., the quick and complete absorption of effervescent tablets, makes them the most complete and most reliable source of nutrition you can ever get.

Beating all traditional forms of nutrition or conventional oral supplements and tablets, these effervescent tablets are the most pioneering and revolutionary scientific formulations of today’s times.

So, for your health and nutrition intake, we hope you have enough food for thought?

TopUp Nutrition micronutrient supplements are also a wide range of 100% bioavailable effervescent tablets that help boost your immunity, help enhance your natural hair and skin health, help improve your cognition, help augment your joint bone and muscle strength and even help improve your digestion and keep you completely nourished on a regular basis, all amidst your life on-the-move.

Have you taken your pick yet?