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What are leg cramps?

Leg cramps or charley horses are episodes of pain caused by sudden contraction of muscles which usually affect calf muscles but can also affect muscles of the feet and thighs1.

What are causes of leg cramps?

Leg cramps can happen due to variety of reasons such as2:

1. Abnormal nerve activity.
2. Excessive strain on muscles.
3. Muscle fatigue.
4. As a side effect of some drugs.
5. Due to some medical conditions.

What is Neo-LC?

Neo-LC is a tablet of Tocotrienols 60 mg & L – Carnitine 500 mg & is a supportive therapy for managing muscle cramps. Tocotrienols are a form of Vitamin E & are found in the seeds of plants such as wheat, rice and barley and are found in rich quantities in palm oil3. L-carnitine is an amino acid (natural building block of proteins) which can be obtained from various dietary sources and can also be synthesized in the body.

How does Neo-LC help in leg cramps?

Tocotrienols are very strong antioxidants and help by reducing muscle fatigue due to their antioxidant action4. L-carnitine reduces the severity and frequency of muscle cramps by energizing the muscle and removing toxic compounds from the muscle5.



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Disclaimer :

The information provided on these pages is not an advice or recommendation about the product, therapy or disease segment. In order to know more about the disease, therapy or other details about any specific ingredient of the product kindly get in touch with your healthcare practitioner. A healthcare practitioner is the best judge of your condition or medication.


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