What is double burden of malnutrition?

The improvement in overall economic status of India and increasing purchasing power have not resulted in improvement of nutritional status among Indians. Recent surveys of households have shown double burden of undernutrition and overnutrition among Indians.

On one hand many Indians struggle to get adequate nutrition due to lack of sufficient nutritional diet, on the other hand shift towards modern ready to eat foods has resulted in changes in dietary behavior of Indians which adds on to the burden of malnutrition1.

What is Xtraday?

Xtraday is a capsule which contains combination of essential Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and immunity boosters.

How can Xtraday help?

Xtraday provides the body daily micronutrient supply which covers not only multivitamins, multiminerals but also contains important antioxidants and immunity boosters for daily health.

How is Xtraday unique?

1. Xtraday capsules are powered by 6G formula which ensures that the body gets 6 important antioxidants.
2. Xtraday capsules contains all B complex Vitamins in 100% Indian recommended dietary allowances (RDA) for adults (As per ICMR Guidelines).



1. Dietary guidelines for Indians – A manual; National Institute of Nutrition, India 2011.

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