Xtraday Men

Xtraday-M tab for men is a combination of vitamins and minerals tailored for men and is packed with minerals, antioxidants, herbs and several vitamins such as Vitamin B6, B12, C and E. These multivitamin tablets can help support your brain, skin, hair, nails, energy and overall health. One tablet of Xtraday-M contains 100% of the daily value intake (DV) for nearly all essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains a blend of herbs for enhanced activity, making it an excellent choice for men.

Rs. 900.00
Pack : :
Rs. 1,500.00
  • 100% RDA OF VITAMINS : Nuvox Xtraday range of products is a comprehensive nutritional supplement consisting of 100% RDA of essential micronutrients and extracts that help you live a healthier and happier life
  • BRAIN BLEND : Powered by a blend of ingredients which helps to improve brain functions.
  • ANTIOXIDANT BLEND: Antioxidants in Xtraday Multivitamin help tackle the free radical damage in the body and enhance immunity
  • IMMUNITY BLEND: The immunity blend of Xtraday Multivitamin tablets supports body’s immunity.
  • ENHANCES ENERGY & STAMINA: Vitamins and minerals help in energy metabolism by activating enzymes that regulate energy release and storage. They also help restore the balance in the body and improve stamina

Each film coated tablet contains:

Essential Vitamins: Vitamin A- 1000 mcg , Vit B1 - 1.8 mg , Vit B2 - 2.5 mg, Vit B3- 18 mg, Vitamin B5- 5 mg, Vit B6 - 2.4 mg, Folic acid - 0.3 mg, Vit B12 - 2.5 mcg, Vit C - 80 mg , Vit D2 - 600 I.U, Vit E- 10 mg , Vit K2 -7 - 55 mcg, Biotin - 30 mcg

Essential Minerals: Calcium - 50 mg, Manganese- 34 mg, Phosphorous- 72 mg, Zinc- 17 mg, Iron- 14.5 mg, Copper- 1 mg, Potassium- 25 mg, Chromium- 50 mcg, Molybdenum- 45 mcg, Selenium- 40 mcg

Brain Blend: Bacopa- 100 mg, Ginkgo biloba extract- 60 mg, Myo-inositol- 30 mg, Choline- 30 mg, Jyotishmati- 10 mg

Men’s Vitality Blend: Ashwagandha root ext- 40 mg, Chlorophytum borivilianum root ext- 40 mg, Mucuna pruriens seed ext- 25 mg, Tribulus terrestris fruit ext- 25 mg 

Stress Buster Blend: L-Tryptophan- 50 mg, Panax ginseng root ext- 42.5 mg, Valeriana wallichii root ext- 25 mg

Immunity, Antioxidant and Eye Health Blend: Vitis vinifera seed extract- 25 mg, Vaccinium corymbosum fruit ext- 15 mg, Alpha lipoic acid- 5 mg, Lutein Zeaxanthin- 6 mg

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