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Building Blocks of Strength: A Comprehensive Guide to Bone and Joint Health

Building Blocks of Strength: A Comprehensive Guide to Bone and Joint Health

December 15, 2023

The intricate dance of bone, muscle and joint health is fundamental to our daily lives. However, the demands of modern living, coupled with aging, can often take a toll on these crucial components of our body. Recognizing the importance of maintaining robust bone density, muscle strength and joint flexibility, Nuvox Healthcare presents its Bone and Joint Category as a comprehensive solution. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits of prioritizing bone, muscle and joint health and explore why Nuvox Healthcare’s offerings are a standout choice for those seeking to nurture these vital aspects of well-being.

The Significance of Bone, Muscle and Joint Health:

1. Bone Health

Bones provide structure, protect organs and serve as a reservoir for minerals essential for various bodily functions. Nuvox Healthcare’s Bone and Joint Category pays special attention to bone health by incorporating key nutrients like calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium. These ingredients work in synergy to support bone density and reduce the risk of conditions such as osteoporosis.

2. Muscle Strength

Strong muscles are vital for mobility, posture and overall functionality. The aging process, sedentary lifestyles or inadequate nutrition can lead to muscle weakness. Nuvox Healthcare addresses this concern by formulating products that include nutrients like protein, creatine and essential amino acids. These elements contribute to muscle maintenance, repair and overall strength.

3. Joint Flexibility

 Joint health is integral to maintaining an active lifestyle. Nuvox Healthcare’s Bone and Joint Category understands the importance of flexibility and incorporates ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin and omega-3 fatty acids. These components support joint lubrication, reduce inflammation and promote overall joint mobility.

Why Choose Nuvox Healthcare's Bone and Joint Category?

1. Holistic Formulations

Nuvox Healthcare recognizes that bone, muscle and joint health are interconnected. Their Bone and Joint Category features holistic formulations that address these aspects collectively. This integrated approach ensures that the synergy between bones, muscles and joints is optimized for overall well-being.

2. Targeted Nutrient Support

The Bone and Joint Category from Nuvox Healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding that individuals may have specific needs, the formulations are designed to provide targeted nutrient support. Whether you’re looking to enhance bone density, build muscle strength or improve joint flexibility, Nuvox Healthcare has tailored options to meet your requirements.

3. Quality Ingredients

Nuvox Healthcare is committed to sourcing high-quality ingredients for its supplements. Each product in the Bone and Joint Category undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity, potency and effectiveness. This dedication to quality sets Nuvox Healthcare apart in the realm of bone, muscle and joint health supplements.

4. Scientifically Backed Solutions

Nuvox Healthcare’s Bone and Joint formulations are grounded in scientific research. The efficacy of the products is not merely based on trends but on proven principles supported by clinical studies. This commitment to scientific rigor instills confidence in consumers, knowing that they are investing in supplements that have a solid foundation in research.


In the pursuit of a healthy and active life, prioritizing bone, muscle and joint health is paramount. Nuvox Healthcare’s Bone and Joint Category emerges as a reliable partner in this journey, offering holistic formulations that address the interconnected nature of these essential components. With targeted nutrient support, high-quality ingredients and scientifically backed solutions, Nuvox Healthcare stands out as a trustworthy choice for those seeking to unleash the strength and flexibility of their bones, muscles and joints. Elevate your well-being with Nuvox Healthcare’s commitment to comprehensive health solutions that empower you to live life to the fullest.

Bones & Joint

A glimpse into joint pain and Arthritis and 5 simple ways to rise above it.

A glimpse into joint pain and Arthritis and 5 simple ways to rise above it.

December 3, 2023

Every year 15 million Indians are being affected by Osteoarthritis. With the prevalence ranging from 22% to 39%, it is becoming more and more common. It, therefore is important to educate oneself about joint pain and Arthritis to be aware of the consequences and know how to avoid them..

In simple words, Arthritis is inflammation in the joints. It can, however affect other organs like eyes or skin. Although it is most common among people over 65, it can even affect those in their teens. In addition, more women than men are affected by this disease. It can also affect people who are overweight.

The joint pain and stiffness caused by it usually worsen with age. This is caused because of distortion of cartilage.

Cartilage is nothing but a tissue covering the ends of the bones where they form a joint. It allows smooth joint movement. When this cartilage breaks down, it causes the bones to rub against each other, which causes joint pain.

There are over 100 types of arthritis.

Here are the most common ones-

● Osteoarthritis (OA)- The most common type of arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that occurs most commonly among older people. It is a result of wear and tear and affects joints that are more overworked than others.
Although, it can affect younger people as well. It is majorly related to joint pain due to ageing or injury.

● Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)- It is a type of autoimmune arthritis. When a person’s immune system attacks itself, it results in stiffness in the joints and issues relating to mobility.

● Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis- It is a type of Rheumatoid Arthritis that affects children.

● Infectious Arthritis- Also called septic Arthritis, this type spreads from another part of the body to the joint. It occurs when the joint or the fluid around the joint is affected by infection-causing germs from another part of the body.

● Psoriatic Arthritis- It affects people with psoriasis- a condition that features red patches of skin topped with silvery scales. Most people develop this disease after they are diagnosed with psoriasis. In some instances, it can happen the other way around.

● Gout- It usually severely affects a single joint. It is caused by the deposition of uric acid in the joint. It often starts in the big toe.

Do all multivitamins and health supplements benefit the same?

Nearly all women around the globe can be seen advocating for the benefits of nutrition supplements, however not all health or nutrition supplements can be equally efficient for all women.

As much number of vitamins and minerals are available on earth, equally are the types of deficiencies women of your age might be facing, however, the symptoms can vary wide. We won’t be astonished if you may even quote the range of women’s health supplements exceeding the number of vitamins and minerals that exist. Doesn’t this sound crazy?

Yes, it may seem like a crazy number due to the unlimited types, forms and varieties of multivitamins or health supplements available in the market.

But the big question that will always matter to you is – how to ascertain that it is the best multivitamin or the best health and nutrition supplement for women like you?

Not all multivitamins and health or nutrition supplements for women contain the exact number of vitamins, minerals or nutrients your body may need. And quite often even if your multivitamin health supplement may claim to be containing every essential vitamin and mineral or a complete list of nutrients, still their proportion may vary.

The diverse and dynamic role that women like you have to play in your daily life, often calls for more detailed attention to your body and health, and requires maintaining your fitness level at an all-time high. To cope up with the ever-expanding life, and ever-growing responsibilities and age, every woman like you feels the need for a perfectly healthy body and mind. And this is certainly no sin!

After all, you’re born special, with your special body functioning and your special body requirements make you the woman you are. You’re not just a professional, not just a wife, not just a mother, but you are so much more than you do or deliver every day.

So why compromise with something that’s quite less and inadequate for you and your body and health? Why settle for multivitamins or health and nutrition supplements that do not meet the special needs of your body? Why go for something that is just not sufficient for your body’s requirements? Why compromise with something that’s just not the best health supplement or not a complete nutrition for you?

Indeed, it just takes only one right health supplement to cover all your nutritional deficiencies in the right proportion and give you the desired results. It takes only one best health supplement curated especially for the woman in you, keeping all your sensitive body types and special body needs in place.

Every woman is distinct and unique in her shape, size and form, yet each one of you is similar when it comes to your nutritional requirements. But it takes only one right and best health supplement that makes it for a complete dose of nutrition that your body really needs. One of the best health supplements for women that can make you live life extra every day.

Such is the design of nature. Indeed marvelous! Isn’t it?

What is the solution? How do you live extra?

Have you ever tried Xtraday Women? Specifically curated for women juggling with the multiple demands of the modern-day fast-paced lifestyle, Xtraday Women is the best multivitamin for women as it comes with over 40 plus vital nutrients to support the overall health and wellness of women. Xtraday Women is recognized as the best health supplement especially customized for women like you. It contains a unique blend of over 40 plus essential vitamins, rare nutrients, minerals and antioxidants required for your complete modern-day nutrition. Backed with the intelligence of science, Xtraday Women is a scientifically formulated, clinically researched and 100% vegan supplement, that helps enhance your complete nutrition, energy, vitality, immunity, digestion and bone health and boost your skin health. Trusted by experts, Xtraday Women is the safest health supplement and a complete multivitamin for women with enough proven results and 100% clean ingredients.

So if you are a woman who’s struggling with numerous deficiencies, if you’re a woman who’s finding it hard to restore your health, if you’re a woman who’s pressed with time and is always on the move and doesn’t have enough time to do multiple remedies to fill up your nutritional gaps, if you’re the one who’s tired searching for that one right fit or one best health supplement that can meet all your body requirements and is a complete solution for all your nutritional requirements, then Xtraday Women is just for you.

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Depression and Arthritis- how are they linked to one another?

Depression and Arthritis- how are they linked to one another?

November 13, 2023

Being cooped up in homes during the pandemic has affected the mental health of several individuals. Moreover, staying indoors for a long duration can cause restrictions on movement. It is, therefore important to understand Arthritis and how people might be affected by it during the lockdown.

Understanding Arthritis

Inflammation of joints is Arthritis. In simple words, it is swelling near the bones of your joints. It includes pain, rigidity, stiffness and limited functioning of joints.

Restricted mobility can lead to joint pain. This pandemic has done precisely that. With the imposition of several lockdowns to curb the pandemic, people have been in their homes for almost over a year. It has limited our movement.

If we don’t maintain the flexibility of our body cartilages, they become stiff over time. Therefore, keeping them flexible is crucial. When they turn rigid, joint pain occurs.

When there is pain in one joint, it is known as Monoarthritis and when we experience pain in multiple joints, it is known as Oligoarthritis.

There are several subtypes under the two. There are many supplements and other medications available to build immunity and reduce joint pain for each type.

Depression and joint pain- an indirect connection

Depression is a mood disorder where one feels sad and gloomy, a sense of loss, anger and frustration. Though it is related to your mental health, symptoms are physical such as loss of or excessive sleep, reduced or increased appetite, reduction in cognitive abilities and constant headaches.

A lot of factors such as family, job, peers and confinement contribute to depression. However, unrestricted mobility, a little bit of exercise and an intake of proper diet can reduce the possibility of Arthritis in people.

How is depression linked to joint pain?

Joint pain and depression do have an indirect connection with each other. Arthritis or joint pain can make you live a hampered life. Incapability to live a normal-paced life and hindrance in your day-to-day activity makes you feel left out.

Humans are social animals; the very feeling of exclusion puts mental pressure on one’s mind. The sense of energy reduction compared to your previous life makes it stressful. When we cannot handle this stress, there are maximum chances of falling prey to depression.

Sometimes the joint pain of Arthritis is so severe that your sleep patterns are disturbed. An average adult needs at least six to seven hours of sound sleep to function correctly. Sleep deprivation disturbs your whole routine, causing a delay in work. At times, it affects your occupation and finance, leading to anxiety.

Not all medicines are good for health. It may cure one disease, but there is no guarantee that it might not lead to another. Many medications have side effects and one of them is mental illness and tiredness. In addition, several drugs directly impact CNS (Central Nervous Systems), resulting in depressive symptoms.

Whether it is for a short-term or a long-term, joint pain does affect your mental health. From the above understanding, we conclude that it affects your mental health in two ways:

1. Effects of medication

2. Effects of joint pain.

Take care of others but don’t forget self-care.

Note: If you feel that you constantly have a low-feeling for two weeks or more, kindly seek help. Visit a doctor or a psychologist for the same. Don’t delay your treatment. Mental health is as important as your physical well being.

Bones & Joint

Joint pain medication and other treatment options to tackle the pain.

Joint pain medication and other treatment options to tackle the pain.

October 19, 2023

Finding the right joint pain medication can be challenging. There are several ways to deal with it depending on the severity of the pain and other symptoms. It is advisable to consult a doctor before choosing a treatment option.

Is suffering from joint pain stopping you from living a more fulfilled life? Would you rather plan your life around joint pain or find a solution to improve your health? Most of the people who suffer from joint pain face these questions.

Depression and joint pain- an indirect connection

Depression is a mood disorder where one feels sad and gloomy, a sense of loss, anger and frustration. Though it is related to your mental health, symptoms are physical such as loss of or excessive sleep, reduced or increased appetite, reduction in cognitive abilities and constant headaches.

A lot of factors such as family, job, peers and confinement contribute to depression. However, unrestricted mobility, a little bit of exercise and an intake of proper diet can reduce the possibility of Arthritis in people.

To make an informed decision, it is crucial to educate oneself about the joint pain medication available on the market and the measures one can take to prevent joint pain.

 Diseases like arthritis have affected millions of people in India. Arthritis is the breakdown of cartilage due to injury or age. It results in disability, restricted movement and a hampered lifestyle.

 There is no one size fits all for treating joint pain. For some, non-medication based treatments may work. Others might have to take pills depending on the severity of the condition.

It is possible to keep the pain at bay if the treatment is started when the symptoms start developing. Ignoring them can lead to severe consequences.

 Before self-treating joint pain, it is best to consult a doctor. A few tests and x-rays can help pinpoint the problem better.

 It is important to determine whether the pain is caused by cartilage breakdown or related to injuries like fracture or muscle strain. If it is a form of arthritis, an early diagnosis can help you treat it more effectively.

The symptoms you can have with joint pain.

● Numbness in joints

● Swollen joints

● Restricted movement 

● Fever

● Redness in joints

Here are some options for treating joint pain

Physical therapy

An effective way of dealing with joint pain is physical therapy. It helps to improve muscle strength which supports the bones better.

 Weakness in these muscles can put stress on the joints. Stretching and strengthening also reduces stiffness in the muscles and improves the range of motion.


While abundant information is available on the internet, one might get confused about which supplement to consume. Therefore, whenever one buys supplements, one should look for the ingredients that are used in the supplements.

In addition, it is important to know what the supplement will do for you. Then, you can go for it after consulting a medical professional.

  • Calcium: Our bones are made up of a mineral called calcium. When the amount of calcium reduces, our bones turn brittle. This mineral is important to maintain the health of our teeth and our bones.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A, which is essential for eyesight, also helps in the growth of bones and keeps tissue healthy.
  • Vitamin D: It is a vital content for our bones. Did you know the lack of Vit.D can cause Rheumatoid Arthritis? It helps absorb calcium in the body and prevents brittle bones, swelling and aching of bones. You can take a Vitamin supplement in liquid form or in the form of a pill.
  • Minerals: Other minerals like iron, which helps in increasing haemoglobin in the blood; Magnesium, which strengthens bones and helps maintain joint cartilage; and sodium, which assists in nerve impulse function and muscle contraction; are vital for our bone health.
  • Essential Amino Acids: Essential amino acids are not inbuilt in the body; they come from the food we eat. There are 9 Essential Amino Acids, including histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.

However, many supplements include meat and other non-vegetarian ingredients, which are ruled out for vegetarian and vegan diet followers. Mobiplus provides an ideal supplement to this section of people who seek to prevent joint pain or maintain their joint health.


  • NSAIDs: Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs are medicines used when your RA tests (physical tests carried out by medical professionals for checking Rheumatoid Arthritis) are positive. They reduce inflammation and pain.
  • SAIDs: Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs are taken when any AR or ACCP two of these tests are non-positive.
  1. AR:
  2. ACCP: ACCP or Anti- CCP test helps diagnose rheumatoid arthritis and differentiate it from other types of arthritis. 
  • Diseases Modifying Agents: These medicines include other medicines like HCQS, Selezopyrine and Methotrexate.

*All the medicines and supplements are to be taken after the doctor’s consultation. We do not promote intake of any medicine or supplement without a doctor’s consultation.

To conclude, there are several joint pain medication options when it comes to treating joint pain. It ranges from Physical therapy to supplements to prescribed medication. It is best to consult a doctor before opting for any of them. However, an early diagnosis of joint pain or arthritis can help you manage your condition better and live a less restricted life by pain and mobility issues.